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Wow Product.
Wow Service!

I am BEYOND impressed!!! I had one recliner that was particularly bad – traveled all over the room… can flop in it and it doesn’t move at all!!! No sticky stuff to deal with….no sticky pads coming off leaving stuff all over the floor….. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! Thanks so much for having this product!

Sharon N.

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Custom Grippers

Do you have something in your house that won’t STAY put? We can design and produce custom sizes and shapes for almost any application you can imagine. 

You Name It - We Can Create It

STAY! Furniture Grippers has created grippers and pads to fit musical instruments (cello, upright bass, piano, drum sets) for use in the home, school or even church. We can make a custom size and shape to keep your Lazboy or other furniture pieces from moving, or order an attractive design that becomes a talking point accessory to your furniture.

Here are some our recent requests:
  • Easels
  • Pet ramps
  • Hobby racetracks
  • Lazyboy and recliner pads
  • Bookshelves
  • Church pews
  • Pads to stop musical instruments from rocking and sliding

Surprise Us With A Request We Can Add to Our Custom Design List

If you would like a custom shape or size, please click here to complete our online form so we can give you a FREE, no-obligation quote, or call 888-947-4773.  Don't forget, all our grippers are 100% Guaranteed.
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