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Wow Product.
Wow Service!

I am BEYOND impressed!!! I had one recliner that was particularly bad – traveled all over the room… can flop in it and it doesn’t move at all!!! No sticky stuff to deal with….no sticky pads coming off leaving stuff all over the floor….. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! Thanks so much for having this product!

Sharon N.

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Made in the USA - Order Your STAY! Furniture Grippers Today!

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STAY! Furniture Grippers keep your furniture from moving on virtually any surface, with no sticky residue or felt. Compare us to the competition and you'll find our grippers are high quality, last for years, and look great.
STAY furniture grippers work on all floor surfacesSTAY! Furniture Grippers work on all types of surfaces, even carpet!
No glue, tape or adhesive needed.
Don't settle for imitations, be confident your furniture will STAY! Select round, square or custom shapes and start shopping.

STAY! Furniture Grippers use a unique system of ridges to "cup" the leg of your bed, desk, sofa, sectional, chair or anything else you want to keep from moving. The rubber-like surface creates a non-slip, non-skid bond between your furniture and the floor surface. You can even easily trim the grippers to size without reducing the effectiveness, simply leave a small 1/8 to 1/4 inch surface around the leg to ensure the cupping/gripping action.

Best of all, there's no sticky residue on your floors, so they stay in great shape! Still not convinced? Try STAY! Furniture Grippers for yourself, with our 100% Guarantee. We're so sure you'll love them, just like thousands of other customers, that we offer a no-hassle guarantee. There's no risk, only reward. Order today and select from round or square; black or gray; in sizes from 2-inch through 6-inch. We have custom shapes and sizes available, too.

"This product is outstanding! I tried multiple different grippers from local hardware stores with no success in keeping the corner piece of our sectional sofa from sliding everywhere. When it came in the mail, it didn't look like much. In fact, I figured I wasted my money. I couldn't have been more wrong. This is the ONLY product that has worked to keep the couch stationary on our hardwood floors. Thank you!"
-- CKW
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